QED Cables, established in 1973, is a prominent British brand renowned for its high-quality audio cables and connectivity solutions. Founded by Bob Abraham and Ian Vine, QED has a rich heritage rooted in the pursuit of sonic excellence and technical innovation. The brand quickly gained recognition for its meticulous engineering and commitment to enhancing audio performance, solidifying its place as a leader in the hi-fi industry.

QED's product range includes speaker cables, interconnects, HDMI cables, and other accessories, all designed to optimise the audio experience. The brand's scientific approach to cable design, backed by extensive research and development, ensures that every product delivers superior signal integrity and minimal distortion. This dedication to quality has earned QED numerous accolades and a loyal customer base among audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts.

The introduction of the QED Genesis Silver Spiral, recognised for its groundbreaking design and performance, exemplifies the brand's innovative spirit. QED's commitment to excellence is also evident in its Airloc technology, which provides a superior connection by eliminating the potential for signal loss at cable terminations.

QED Cables continues to set the standard in the audio industry, striving to bring listeners closer to the music with every product.

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