How Much Does It Cost To Install Ceiling Speakers?

If you’re considering installing ceiling speakers but worried about the installation part then read on.. we’ll help put your mind at rest.

All of the systems you’ll find on our website are pretty straightforward, they can all be installed by a decent standard electrician.

We’re not going to cover the “How To” in this blog, just the “How Much”.


How Long Will It Take?

It really depends on what system you are going for and what stage of the project you are at.

If you are re-wiring your kitchen and have ceilings down then it’ll take no more than an hour to wire in all the cables and prepare the back boxes for second fix (connecting the kit). Come second fix it’s just a case of plugging in the equipment, another hour or two should suffice.

If however it’s a fully finished room then work may be required to gain power supplies and route cables which could take a bit longer.

Fitting a Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker into an upstairs bathroom ceiling could take less than an hour whereas fitting a Systemline E100 in-wall radio system into your kitchen could take half a day.


Do I Need A Specialist Installer?

No, most of our systems are DIY friendly and are fine for your average electrician.

You can also consider us your specialist. We can design and specify your speakers to ensure you get the right kit.

Then we can help with wiring diagrams if required as well as telephone support throughout the project.

Almost all of the systems you’ll find on our website are easy to install and won’t cause any decent electrician any issues.

How Much Does An Electrician Charge?

This really varies, but according to HomeAdviceGuide it’s between £40 & £60.

Average hourly rate for an electrician in the UK ranges from £40 – £60.

So we’d suggest allowing a few hours for the install depending on which system you go for and what stage your project is at.

What we find mostly is you’re generally adding ceiling speakers as part of a bigger project, there’s usually already an electrician on-site fitting downlights etc. so the cost of adding a few speaker cables in doesn’t really add up too badly, especially for the end result of room-filling high quality music for your entire family to enjoy!


For more information on installing ceiling speakers and to discuss your project please get in touch with one of our experts on 02393 190955, email or live chat.

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