TEAC W-1200 Twin Cassette Player with Microphone Mixing & USB Output

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Bring out your cassettes!

Rediscover precious music on your cassette tapes with this impressive Teac twin cassette deck.

With the Teac W-1200 you don’t just get to hear your old cassettes again – or even newly purchased ones – but also record and archive them, too.

USB digital output for archiving

A great feature with the deck is the USB digital output. Simply connect to a home computer or digital recorder via USB and you can archive your cassettes in CD-quality! 

Having the cassettes recorded in the digital domain makes for much easier access.

You could, for example, put the recordings on a USB stick or SD card and playback in your car, home cinema system or portable.

Twin record

This flexible deck not only lets you record from cassette to cassette but also record on both decks. 

This gives the option of parallel recording – ideal for when you might want two copies of a home recording.

Quality playback with noise reduction

Teac are highly respected in the recording field and, along with their pro division Tascam, have huge expertise in the area. 

This experience makes the W-1200 a quality player with stable speed and smooth, analogue sound. 

For any cassettes you may have recorded in Dolby B (this includes most commercial recordings), noise reduction is on hand to further reduce tape hiss.

Mic input for home recording and Karaoke

Featuring a microphone input with mix level, the W-1200 also makes an ideal home recorder. 

Use the headphone output and you’ve got a complete home recorder in one. Great for parties, the W-1200 can even be used for Karaoke!

Pitch control

Ideal for music and dance students, deck 1 features pitch control. 

Use the rotary control to adjust the pitch up or down by up to 12%

Fully featured, including remote and timer

Other great features with this fully loaded cassette deck include a comprehensive remote control, timer play/record function (for using in conjunction with a mains timer), repeat playback and a dimmable display with twin counters.

Give your cassette tapes the love they deserve, with this top quality deck.



  • 1 x TEAC W-1200 Casette Player
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • 1 x RCA Audio Cable
  • 1 x Owner's Manual


1 Year

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