Edifier S3000PRO Active Bluetooth V5.0 aptX™ Speakers with KleerNet Technology

Model: S3000PRO
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Active 2.0 Wireless Monitor Speakers with no Speaker Cables!

Replace the rat’s nest of wires with KleerNet Wireless Technology, and maintain the clean, classy vibe of your decor.

Enjoy true freedom when placing your speakers and open up a variety of new options for creating your ideal home audio setup..


  • Certified HiRes
  • 107 x 107mm Planar diaphragm tweeters
  • Bass drivers: 6.5” (179mm) aluminium alloy diaphragm bass unit
  • XMOS xCore200 interface supports USB audio bitrate up to 192KHz
  • Bluetooth V5.0 with Qualcomm®aptX™ HD decoding

Refined, Elegant Design
Matte black paint with dark wood panelling creates a look that combines hi-tech modern sensibilities with classic, rustic, old world design. Enjoy luxury and function in one complete package that sits perfectly in any environment.

High Resolution Audio
Certified HiRes, these speakers offer a wider range of frequencies. In combination with our planar ribbon tweeters and near lossless audio capabilities, the S3000PRO will help you discover new sensations when you play your favourite songs or movies.

6.5" Aluminium Alloy Diaphragm Bass Unit
State of the art aluminium cone provides flexless piston action even at high output volumes. Enjoy better lows and mids, as the rigid, lightweight 6.5” driver delivers clearer, more precise sound. Outputs powerful room-shaking bass for everything from movies to music.

Planar Diaphragm Tweeters
Planar ribbon tweeters provide unparalleled transient sound response for more detailed, delicate sounding highs. Ribbon tweeters offer a more consistent sound from room to room, so you can enjoy the same quality audio in a large living room as you can in a small den. They also respond to higher frequencies and even the subtlest waveforms. Enjoy a brighter, airier sound when listening to more fine or nuanced recordings

Bluetooth 5.0 w/ aptX
Enjoy better power consumption, as well as four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the throughput of Bluetooth 4.2. Faster speed provides better, more consistent audio quality with less distortion. 

Versatile Connectivity
Enjoy optical and RCA input with support for connecting two devices at once

Wireless Remote Control
Take control of your audio from anywhere in the room using our our convenient wireless IR remote. Adjustable bass, treble and volume controls are also available on the speaker system itself.


    • 1 x S3000Pro Right Main Speaker
    • 1 x S3000Pro Left Passive Speaker
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x 3.5mm - RCA Audio Cable
    • 1 x USB A - USB B Data Cable
    • 1 x Fiber Optic Cable
    • 2 x Power Cable


    2 Years
    • Frequency response: 38HZ ~ 40kHZ
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥85dB(A)
    • Total power output: 
      • R/L (Treble): 8W+8W RMS
      • R/L (Mid-range and bass): 120W+120W RMS
    • Input type: Line In/Balance/Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial/USB
    • Driver unit: Bass unit: 6.5” (179mm) aluminum alloy diaphragm
    • Tweeter unit: 107 x 107mm Planar silk diaphragm

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