Systemline E100 Overview - In Wall DAB, FB & Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Stereo System

Systemline E100 Overview - In Wall DAB, FB & Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Stereo System

Systemline E100 Overview - In Wall DAB, FB & Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Stereo System


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The Systemline E100 is a stylish wall panel that has FM / DAB and Bluetooth built in. This ceiling speaker system is mainly installed into kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, however, it can go in any room in the house.

This elegant system is the size of a 2 gang double plug socket and protrudes about just over a centimetre. It has a touch sensitive black glass panel with the right side having a brushed stainless steel look to it and a bright OLED display.

On the left side of the wall panel is the 4 preset buttons, these can be set to either a radio station or a source. These preset buttons are extremely useful as you can walk into a room, press one button and your favourite radio station start playing. 

Having a dedicated wall unit that is in one place is very helpful as there is no need to carry your phone with you in every room you go in. the longer you have it the more you’ll get use to in being in that spot. 

With the built in Bluetooth you’re able to stream music directly from your phone or table to the system, connecting to the system is super simple and once you have done it the first time, you’re phone will remember the system for future connections. 

When your connected to Bluetooth, your able to play music on apps like Spotify, Tunein Radio, Youtube and many more. 

The Systemline E100 also has a rear aux or TV connection port. Essentially its a 3.5mm jack on the rear, the same as a headphone jack. If you wanted to connect your TV to the system, generally you’ll want to use the headphone port on your TV and run a 3.5 to 3.5mm cable from the TV to the rear of the E100. 

The OLED screen on the front of the unit will display information depending on what source you are on, this is handy when using DAB as it can show either the time and date, signal strength or it will even show you the song title and artist. 

Another great feature is the alarm and sleep timer

The advanced alarm system will allow you to set 2 alarms. Of course you can set the time of the alarm, you can also select if you want it to go off once, daily, weekdays or weekends. You can choose between a buzzer alert of a preset on a radio station and you can set the alarm volume.

The sleep time will allow you to set a countdown timer that will turn the unit off after the timer finishes. Which could be used as a cooking timer so that when the music stops, the lasagne is ready. 

Within the main menu of the Systemline E100 you have the ability to change the EQ settings, allowing you to change the bass and treble. You also have the ability to change the Bluetooth name, although you can only change the last digits of the Bluetooth name.

This is great for when you have multiple E100’s installed in your home. 

The E100 is suitable for bathrooms and when you purchase a bathroom bundle you’ll get a bathroom installation guide, essentially, you’ll want to install the unit in zone 3 and use sealant on the frame.

The E100 from systemline is generally sold as a kit, the normal bundle comes with 2 background Ceiling speakers from Q install. They are the QI65CB’s, they also do a 4 speaker bundle for larger rooms. 

The normal kit with 2 ceiling speakers will give enough sound coverage for a 5 meter by 5 meter room, any larger and we would recommend looking at an extra pair of speakers.

Installing this system is really simple if you are refurbishing a room, its slightly more difficult if your trying to retrofit. Because the wall unit is the amplifier and drivers, all cables need to come back to the rear of the unit. So you’ll need to run your DC power, 2 2 core speaker cable, aerial cable and TV connection cable to the back of the system.

We are an Elite partner to systemline and all the systems that we sell comes with 1 years extra warranty making it 3 years in total. 

As this is one of our best selling ceiling speaker systems we always have them in stock and we will try to deliver them for the next working day.

So if your looking to enhance your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom with music, check out the Systemline E100 system here.