Lithe Audio Bluetooth Rock Speaker Overview

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Rock Speaker Overview

Craig Walker |


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Hi, I’m Aiden From K&B Audio and today we are going to be looking at the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Rock speaker.

Barbecues, summer parties and even outdoor dining can all be improved by one thing, Music, however there are not many options.

You could look at a small portable speaker, but they run out of battery all of the time and most of them sound terrible.

What about a full outdoor system?

Well not everyone has the ability to wire cables through the house and not everyone wants bulk on-wall speaker. 

One solution then is this rock speaker.

So how is this rock speaker different from the other rock speakers? well first of all, the amplifier and speaker are built into this IP56 Fiberglass Housing. 

The IP56 rating means this has protection from high pressure water jets from any direction as well as rain, snow and ice.

That means that this stylish rock can be left outside in your garden all year round.

Because the amplifier and Bluetooth drivers are built into the housing, to get started all you have to do is plug this speaker into a socket, generally this would be an outdoor rated socket.

These speakers have Bluetooth 4.0 and work exactly like any other Bluetooth speaker.

so once you have plugged your speaker in, simply find the device on your phone, connect to it and start playing music.

There are 2 types of Lithe Audio Rock speaker, A master and a slave. A Master speaker is the all-in-one and the slave is a passive speaker.

The master speaker can only power up to 1 extra slave speaker. The slave speaker connected to the master with speaker cable.

Let's have a look at the specs, first all of the amp has an RMS power of 60W. It has a 6.5” Kevlar Woven Woofer and a 1.2” titanium tweeter.

A pair of these rocks will give you the perfect sound coverage for most outdoor sitting areas.

The rock speaker comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty however, because we are a pro partner of Lithe Audio, if you purchase from us you’ll get an extra years warranty on top. Making it 3 years in total.

We also offer free next working day delivery on these rock speakers.