Imperial Dabman i450 Overview - Under Cabinet Stereo - Spotify, FM, DAB+, Bluetooth Kitchen System

Imperial Dabman i450 Overview - Under Cabinet Stereo - Spotify, FM, DAB+, Bluetooth Kitchen System

Imperial Dabman i450 Overview - Under Cabinet Stereo - Spotify, FM, DAB+, Bluetooth Kitchen System


T>his all in one speaker system has been designed to live under a kitchen cabinet and although its small in size, the 2  3” speakers and subwoofer really packs a punch.

Now before I talk about how great this unit sounds, let's take a look over its features. 

So this unit has FM, DAB and DAB+ built in, however, when you connect it the internet either by cable or wifi you’ll have access to internet radio. 

So combining all the radio sources you’ll be able to choose from potentially over 10 thousand different radio stations.

You also have Bluetooth so that you can connect your phone.

Essentially when you play music on your phone it will play though the system, this is great for those who want to listen to music on youtube or let guests play their own music. 

Then there is spotify connect, which streams the music directly from spotify to the speaker system, this is so much better than using bluetooth as you don't get any interruptions from notifications on your phone. 

Essentially, you can use your phone as a remote to control what music is being stream to the system from spotify. Just make sure that you are on the same network.

There is also DLNA which will allow you to stream media from other devices over the network.

And if all of that does not take your fancy then there are a couple of inputs, the first being a 3.5mm aux input that will allow you to plug anything with an audio out on it such as a turntable.

Then you have the USB input which can be used with USB storage sticks and drives but also a USB CD player.

All of that was just talking about the sources you can play from on the system, let's take a look at some added features such as the built in 2.8” display which shows you what's going when using the unit and also has the ability to show a personal photo. 

There are also functions like a timer and an alarm clock, you can check the weather if its connected to the internet and you’re even able to leave a voice message on the unit.

There is a remote control that comes with the unit, its stylish and well built. There are quite a few options which makes it incredibly easy to control from across the room.

You can also download the AirMusic Control App on your phone so that you can control the system. On the app you’re able select the source, change radio stations and control the media centre. 

Let's talk about the sound quality, which in my personal opinion is incredible for the price. The integrated subwoofer really adds depth to the music and although the speakers are small, they sound great. 

This system can fill out our 15 square meter showroom and it still sounds great the other side of the room.

The speakers are powered by a 7w per channel amplifier with a built in equalizer.

The build quality is outstanding, which is no surprise as its been developed to maturity in Germany. 

Although this sound system has been designed for kitchens, it's easy installation means it can go in any room in theios house. Excluding any wet rooms of course. 

To install this unit under a kitchen cabinet, simply use the provided template to mark out your holes on the cabinet

Drill small pilot holes making sure you don’t penetrate all the way through, then just screw in the screws.

The Dabman will slide into the holder and kept in place with a screw.