Hamilton Audio APPIO - How to set up

Hamilton Audio APPIO - How to set up

Hamilton Audio APPIO - How to set up


Hamilton Audio has made the setup process of the APPIO easy and quick, within 5 minutes you'll have your wireless speaker set up and ready to use.

How to set up the Hamilton Audio APPIO

  1. Power the wireless speaker, download and install the Hamilton Player amp available on both App store and Play Store.

  2. Ensure the amplifier is in pairing mode (The light on the amp should be flashing). If the amp is not in pairing mode, try a factory reset. To do that, press and hold the small button on the rear under the antenna.

  3. Open the hamilton player app and wait for it to load up. It will search for devices that have already been set up. Click Add device once it shows.

  4. It will ask you to go to your wifi settings to connect to the amp via wifi to set it up.

  5. Within your available wifi network connections, you should see one that looks like "APPIO_XXXX". (XXXX are random numbers and letters).

  6. Once connected to the amplifier wifi, go back to the hamilton player app.

  7. When loaded it will ask you to select your home internet wifi network along with the password so the amplifier can connect to the internet.

  8. After it has connected to your home network, it will show you the wifi strength, we recommend hard wiring it to your network for better results.

  9. On the next screen it will ask you to name this amp / zone (The room it play music to). You can select a name from the preset list or create a custom name with the button at the top.

  10. You amplifier should be ready to stream music.

Settings for the APPIO

  • Rename the zone - Allowing you to rename the amplifier if you have relocated it.

  • Speaker Info - System info, along with firmware update & factory reset.

  • Preset Content - Easy radio / music service selection.

  • Alarm Clock - Turn music on at certain times of the day.

  • Sleep Timer - Turns the amplifier off after the selected time, up to 90 minutes.

  • EQ - Allows you to tune the bass and treble to your preference .


How to Stream music from the Hamilton APPIO

  1. Open the Hamilton Player app.

  2. Click on the zone you want to stream music to.

  3. Click on the service you want to stream music from.

  4. Select the song or radio station you want to listen to.

  5. The music should start playing through your zone.

  6. You can control the music from the app. The volume can be controlled either via the app or the volume buttons on the device.