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Tangent Ampster II, Tuner & CD Now Available

Tangent Ampster II, Tuner & CD Now Available

Craig Walker |

The Tangent Ampster BT has long been a K&B Audio staff favourite for pairing with ceiling speakers.

It’s powerful, has plenty of connectivity and it’s also got wake on bluetooth which lets you hide it in a cupboard but still operate it remotely.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get much better, Tangent have now released the Ampster II BT!

The same great power but now you also get wake on AUX which means you can easily plug in a WiFi streamer such as an Amazon Echo, Google Chromecast, iEAST M5 or Sonos Connect.

When you press play on the app the Tangent Ampster II BT will turn itself on and start playing!

Perfect for making a high quality but low cost multiroom audio system.

You also get an infrared remote extender that lets you hide the amplifier in the cupboard but still control it from the included infrared remote control.

Added to the range is the Tangent CD II and the Tangent Tuner II. These connect up to the Ampster and give you DAB+/FM radio or CD respectively.

Here’s what Tangent have to say…


Great sound needs a great amplifier

The second generation of Tangent’s award-winning Ampster BT Amplifier is a small and conveniently sized amp with a wealth of features for various home and commercial applications. By combining your Tangent Ampster BT ll amplifier with good quality speakers, such as the Tangent Spectrum X4 or X5s, the result is stunning optimum audio reproduction for the system’s size and price.


Connect wirelessly or wired

You can stream your music from your smartphone, tablet or computer directly to the Ampster BT II amplifier wirelessly via Bluetooth, or by connecting your device using an AUX cable. Digital and analogue line inputs, a sub-output and a USB charging port are also provided.


Wake up on Bluetooth and multi-room compatible

With the second generation BT II you no longer have to worry about turning off your amplifier. It goes on standby when the music stops whilst playing music via Bluetooth and wakes automatically when you resume playback.  In addition, the BT II can be woken from standby from the AUX minijack input which allows you to connect most multiroom or network systems to it. For example, add a Chromecast Audio, AirPort Express, or other Wi-Fi devices to the AUX input – then the Tangent Ampster BT II will turn on as soon as you start playing through your network.


A mini amplifier with a big sound

The new Tangent Ampster BT ll fits effortlessly into Tangent’s new mini system. By combining the Tangent Tuner ll & CD ll, you can enjoy a complete, compact sized HI-FI system with premium audio quality and performance. Each Ampster BT ll, Tuner ll and CD ll is less than the width of an A4 sheet of paper and is only 7cm high, making the system only 21cm high when stacked! So the small size of each component takes up less space in the living room, kitchen – or wherever you enjoy your music.


A remote control for all

The remote control for the Tangent Ampster BT ll also operates the Tuner ll and CD ll, so when all three components are stacked together or placed separately, each remote control can be used to operate all components.  Or you can choose to use only one remote control and put the two other remotes away!  Another useful feature of this second generation Ampster BT is an IR infrared input.  This enables you to place the Tangent Ampster BT II wherever it’s not possible to operate with its remote control.  Just place the supplied IR eye somewhere where the remote control can reach it, then connect the cable to the External IR input on the rear panel.



  • 2 x 50 watts output
  • Bluetooth 4.0 in
  • Digital and analog in
  • Aux in
  • Stylish Remote
  • Wake on bluetooth & AUX
  • Memory Volume
  • Optional external IR (included)