Systemline E200 Kitchen Radio Hands On Review

Systemline E200 Kitchen Radio Hands On Review

Systemline E200 Kitchen Radio Hands On Review

The Systemline E200 is an easy to install in wall DAB & FM radio system.



  • DAB & FM Radio Tuner
  • Sleek & stylish in wall keypad
  • 6.5" high quality ceiling speakers
  • Alarm clock
  • Bass/treble control
  • Bluetooth Receiver


In The Box

The Systemline E200 packaging is stylish and thoughtfully packed. A larger box houses 3 smaller boxes, one of which contains the keypad, the next houses the amplifier unit that you hide away in a cupboard and the third box contains the wiring pack. The Q Acoustics QI65CB speakers are sent separately in white boxes with cardboard retainers to prevent the speaker from moving.


The Systemline E200 comes complete with;

  • In wall keypad
  • Amplifier unit
  • 2 x pre wired speaker cables
  • 1 x pre wired cable to connect the keypad to the amplifier
  • 2 x 6.5" in ceiling speakers
  • Aerial lead
  • Bluetooth Receiver Unit (if you purchase E200BT)



Installing the Systemline E200 is pretty easy, but you do need to get the containment in at first fix stage for most projects. You'll need a 2G 47mm deep electrical box in the location where you want the in wall keypad. Next you need to install a conduit from the wall box to a cupboard (for instance, in a kitchen) where you will then install the amplifier unit.

From the amplifier unit you will install the two speaker cables (provided) to the ceiling speaker positions.

The included DAB aerial will need to be installed from the amplifier unit and usually laid across the top of the kitchen cabinets, although we usually recommend that you install a DAB roof aerial for best reception, this may be essential if you're in a poor reception area.

There's not much to set up on the unit, power it on, tune it in and you're listening to your favourite music!

We love the fact that this unit has a separate amplifier box to the keypad, this makes it very easy and versatile to wire and means you're not struggling to fit everything in an electrical back box.


The Negatives?


We struggle to fault the Systemline E200, it's our best selling kitchen radio system for a reason, however our biggest bug bear is the fact that it doesn't have built in bluetooth, you have to use the (included) bluetooth receiver unit seperately, this means that you use up the only audio input. It physically works fine but if you want to connect your kitchen TV or a CD player to the system then you'll need an AV input switch, or physically change the plug every time.

Luckily this has been corrected with the Systemline E100 though which has built in bluetooth AND an audio input!

Also, the Systemline E200 doesn't have a remote included, it's an optional extra at £59.99! Very useful item, but a bit expensive in our opinion. It is however a beautifully crafted, sleek remote control so you do get some quality for your money.



The Systemline E200 is very versatile and can be installed in any room you want, it's most commonly installed in kitchens, but the built in alarm clock makes it a great radio system for the bedroom, or the perfect hotel room radio system.

The Systemline E200 is available in various forms. We offer it with the bluetooth receiver, with the iPod dock, and even with extra room packs etc