Introducing the Philips Portable Projector Range

Introducing the Philips Portable Projector Range

Introducing the Philips Portable Projector Range

New for 2022 here at K&B Audio we have added a couple of ranges of different philips portable projectors. These little projectors are perfect if you want a big screen in your kitchen Garden room or patio.

As they are small, and some even have batteries built you, these philips projectors will allow you to instantly create a home cinema in your garden and most will wire into our garden speaker systems. 

We have created these basic comparison charts to help you understand the differences between them quickly.

Philips Portable Projector NeoPixel Range

Philips NeoPixel Plug in Power Range Comparison

  Easy Easy 2 Plus Ultra 2TV Ultra 2TV Plus
Projection Max 80" 65" 100" 120"
Media Player Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speakers 2 x 2W 2 x 3W 2 x 15W

2 x 10
Bass Boost

Resolution 800 x 480p 1280 x 720p 1920 x 1080p

1920 x 1080p

Android TV No No No


Chromecast No No No


RRP £119.99 £169.99 £399.99 £499.99


Philips Portable Projector PicoPix Range

Philips PicoPix Battery Powered Projector Range Comparison

  Nano Micro 2 Micro 2TV Max One Max
Projection Max 60" 80" 80" 120" 120"
Media Player Yes No Yes No Yes
Speakers 2W 2 x 5W 2 x 5W 2 x 4W 2 x 4W
Resolution 640 x 360p 854 x 480p 854 x 480p 1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080p
Android TV No No Yes No No
Chromecast No No Yes No No
Battery Life 1.5hr 5hr 4hr 5hr 3hr
RRP £159.99 £299.99 £399.99 £599.99 £899.99


Philips Screeno S6 Projector Portable

Philips Screeneo S6 Projector

  Screeno S6
Projection Max 180"
Media Player Yes
Speakers 2 x 7W
Resolution 3840 x 2160p
Android TV Yes
RRP £1,799.99


Philips Portable Projector FAQ's

What Philips Portable Projector Should you buy?

This will come down to your budget, I would recommend the S6 due to its incredible features. However, the PicoPix Micro 2TV projects upto 80", has speakers and built in android which makes streaming movies from your phone even easier.

Do I need Speakers with my Portable Projector

All of our philips portable projectors come with built in speakers which are great for watching a movie on your own close by, however, if you plan to create a garden cinema we highly recommend getting one of our outdoor bluetooth speaker systems. 

This will transform the basic audio from the garden projector and offer a much better listen experience. You'll also get better sound coverage so when you have many guests round, everyone will hear the movie!

Do I need a Screen for my Philips Projector?

That will depend on the time of use and what surface you are using it will. Generally a single tones, flat surface wall will achieve the basics for the screen, however we do sell a 100" portable projector screen for when you want to have a garden movie party. 

What's the difference between NeoPix and PicoPix?

The main difference for us is that the PicoPix range is fully portable and are battery powered. Simply place is in your garden and play a movie. For the NeoPix range, they are small to carry around, but do require a hard wire into them.


So if you're looking for a projector to use in your garden or other rooms around your home, these philips projectors have a wide range for all requirements. To take a look at the entire range on our website visit our Portable projectors collection.

We offer a wide range of products so if you are stuck to what projector or garden audio system you should get, feel free to use our free audio consultation for a personalised experience.