How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

How Amazon Echo Will Change The Way You Listen To Music Forever

Last week was a much anticipated week for me. My Amazon Echo dot had arrived on release date! Like a kid at Christmas I couldn't wait to get playing! The Amazon Echo will transform the way you listen to music, and here's how...


What Is Amazon Echo


It's a small circular Wi-Fi connected device that can convert spoken commands into actions. This happens through various apps and "Skills" that you can control from the Alexa app. You can ask it to do mundane things like "Wake me up at 8am tomorrow" and some-what crazy things like "Order me the Chinese I like from Just Eat".

It's safe to say some of the commands will be long forgotten as gimmicks, whilst others will change the way you live!


How Amazon Echo Fits With Music


Ordering a Chinese and setting an alarm is all well and good, but how about something you'll really use!

The Echo Dot features a 3.5mm audio output as well as bluetooth connection. So you can connect it to your kitchen or bathroom radio system and operate music apps from voice commands.

Once connected to an audio sensing speaker system like the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers you'll have a completely voice controlled speaker system!! Now this will impress your friends, young or old!


"Alexa, Play Spotify"

"Alexa, Play Red Hot Chilli Peppers On Spotify"

"Alexa, Play Radio Two on TuneIn"

"Alex, How Do I Boil An Egg?"


What Speaker Systems Does Amazon Echo Work With?


The simple answer is, all systems with a 3.5mm audio input and most bluetooth systems.

If you're starting from scratch in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom (or other rooms) then your best bet for an Amazon Echo controlled music system is the Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers!

Simply connect the Amazon Echo to the RCA inputs of the Lithe Audio speaker and, provided a bluetooth device isn't connected at the same time, it'll play everything from the Amazon Echo.

You can say "Alexa, Play Queen on Spotify" and your kitchen will be filled with the greatest Queen songs. Instantly!

The reason the Lithe Audio speakers are best is because they are always on in the background, as soon as you instruct Alexa to play Radio One it'll jump into action and start playing. With most other amplifiers you'll need to turn it on and set it to the auxiliary input first which kind of defeats the point that voice control makes. Simplicity!


Cool Or Gimmick?


I love technology as much as the next geek but some things are just a bit gimmicky, like app controlled kettles. (not that they aren't cool still!) but to be perfectly honest, pairing an Amazon Echo with a bluetooth ceiling speaker for voice controlled music is absolute gold. It works perfectly, it's cool, it's very useful. Especially if you're prone to losing remote controls or you have a two year old that likes to run away with your smart phone.

The Amazon Echo is always there ready to play your favourite music when you ask it to.


Word Of Warning With Bluetooth


The Amazon Echo also features a bluetooth connection, so it can connect itself to a speaker and play wirelessly. However it only connects to bluetooth devices that do not have a pin code password. This means that currently it does not connect wirelessly to the Lithe Audio, or the Systemline radios. Lithe Audio are releasing an Echo bluetooth compatible version soon. But for best results use the RCA connection as it leaves the bluetooth free for other devices.

The Amazon Echo is available on Amazon for £49.99 - Click here to see it.

The Lithe Audio speaker starts at £199.99 - Click here to see it.