We've compiled a list of the most commonly used features and terminology for kitchen and bathroom radio systems with a short explanation of what they mean.




DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting, a higher quality radio format.

FM - The most common format for receiving radio stations.

Bluetooth - A wireless audio format used to stream music from a smart phone, tablet or computer to a radio system.

Airplay - A wireless format for Apple iOS devices which allows you to stream music from your iOS smart phone/tablet/computer to your radio system. Airplay connects via wi-fi and can create cost effective multi room audio scenarios.




Zone - When we refer to a zone we refer to a room or area of your house where you would listen to music.

Single Zone - An area of your home where you can play music, when we refer to single zone the system will usually only have the ability to play music in this area.

Multi Zone - This is for systems where you can have music in different rooms of your house and listen to different music in each room, at the same time.