Are you thinking of giving your tired-looking bathroom a bit of a makeover?

Are you also fed up trying to catch the news on a portable radio when you’re in the shower or juggling with the iPod when you’re trying to wallow in the bath?

Then now is the perfect time to consider fitting an audio system in your bathroom.

Once the preserve of celebrities and the super-rich, putting music into your bathroom is now a luxury that’s within most people’s reach.

And it’s even more affordable if you plan its installation in advance of any works. Save on unnecessary expense, work and mess by wiring your bathroom for sound while you’re having it rebuilt or redecorated.

And even if you can’t afford to fit speakers or an in wall radio right now, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the wiring in place so you don’t have to rip tiles off the wall again when you can?


7 Questions you need to ask yourself about the bathroom audio system you want

If you are now thinking about fitting an audio system fitted during your bathroom renovation, here are a few things to consider:


  1. Do you want your bathroom to be part of a multi-room audio system that allows your music to follow you around the house, is it a stand-alone system or do you want to keep your options open in the future?
  2. Wireless or wired? Whilst a wireless speaker requires no work as you simply place it on a surface in your bathroom, you do have a few issues such as needing to recharge batteries, and you run the risk of knocking your expensive speaker into the bath.
  3. Is high-quality sound a priority for you as you wallow in the bath or do you just want to listen to the radio in the shower? Maybe a Bluetooth mirror is all you need?
  4. Do you want to conceal speakers into the wall or ceiling, or would you prefer them to be integrated into a bathroom mirror? Which is the simpler option?
  5. Where’s the best place for speakers? Smaller bathrooms might not have enough space for a pair of speakers, so we recommend using a stereo input speaker or a pair of smaller speakers such as the 2.5-inch speakers found with the KB Sound ceiling radios.
  6. What sort of control do you want? Will it be a wall-mounted panel or handheld remote?
  7. Which are the easiest walls to run wires through?



The main thing that you need to watch out for is the electrical zone regulations that limit where you can or can't place a 230v electrical item in a bathroom. We only recommend bathroom radio systems that feature moisture resistant or IP (Ingress Protection) rated in ceiling speakers with remotely mounted amplifiers kept safely out of harm’s way.

Either way, you can always ask one of our experts for advice.

What system should I choose?

Our intention writing this article is to raise the question of whether you want sound in your bathroom before it’s too late and you miss an opportunity. We’ll look in detail at the products on the market in a future blog post, but here’s a taster:


  • In Wall Radio – Featuring a simple in wall keypad, you’ll be able to select your favourite radio station at the touch of a button. Always on, with no need to charge batteries and no remotes to lose.
  • In Ceiling Radio – Perfect for adding to existing bathrooms, the in ceiling radio sits in your loft/floor space and you’ll enjoy music from the ceiling speakers, all controlled by an easy-to-use remote control.
  • Sonos – A market-leader in wireless and hard-wired multi-room audio. Its systems are easy to use and offer high-quality sound. Multi-room, multi-source solutions such as Sonos allow you to build a system and add to it, creating up to 32 different ‘zones’ which can play simultaneously, or be controlled to play in selected zones.
  • Systemline S7. –Maybe you want your bathroom music to be part of a multi room audio system? Systemline S7 features an easy to use app, TV integration and allows you to listen to your music in a number of rooms at the same time.
  • Speakers.There is a wide variety of speakers on the market now that suit any taste, from built-in and slim-line models to freestanding ones. Bathrooms are unforgiving acoustic spaces so don’t be tempted to go for the cheaper option, or you could be wasting your forward planning, hard work and money.


Why not ask the experts for some free advice? 

If you’re now tempted to include an audio system into your new bathroom or en suite renovation, there’s plenty to think about. Why not approach a specialist audio supplier like The Kitchen & Bathroom Radio Shop for advice on equipment, siting, wiring and system design.