Designing Your Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider When Adding A Bathroom TV

Designing Your Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider When Adding A Bathroom TV

Designing Your Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider When Adding A Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV's are great!

They are also more cost effective than ever, but there's a few things you'll want to consider at bathroom design stage if you're going to add a bathroom TV to your new bathroom.


1. Tap Positions


Traditionally you'd expect to see the taps at the end of the bath.

However, that's also where you'll potentially be looking at your new bathroom TV. The last thing you want is some taps obstructing the view!

When designing a bathroom TV that'll end up at the foot of your bath you'll want to put a bit of thought into your taps.

Here are some alternative options....

If you have a separate shower cubicle then you could go for a double ended bath with centre mounted taps. This will keep the taps out of the view of your TV.

How about no taps at all? With an overflow filler you simply have a mixer valve installed flush in your wall and the bath fills from an outlet attached to the overflow of the bath.

Ideal for minimalist bathrooms and for shower baths where you might not want to fit a double-ended bath with centre mounted taps.

An overflow filler tap is about as sleek as it gets and avoids all issues of taps and bathroom televisions!


2. Wall Space & Screen Size


I know this sounds pretty obvious but one of the major considerations for a bathroom TV should include the amount of space you have on your wall!

And I don't mean to just consider "does it fit?"

But to really think about how well it fits! Bigger isn't always better...

You might think you have enough space to fit a nice 24" waterproof television but if it's a bit tight it might cause issues with tiling or with shower screens etc etc.

Sometimes it might be the case that a smaller television will better fit the space leaving enough room for neat tiling etc.

No one wants the television to be right up against the wall! And the last thing you want is a clash with a shower screen.

And on the flip side, if you have a really big bathroom with a huge whirlpool bath then maybe a 19" TV will be a bit .... underwhelming...


3. Audio


Watching your favourite program on your bathroom television is one thing, but you'll also want to be able to hear it too!

Most of the screens we offer do come with built in speakers so you can be up and running pretty quickly.


For the best all round bathroom entertainment experience why not consider attaching your new bathroom television to a pair of ceiling speakers?

There's two benefits to this.

1. Much better quality audio when watching your TV shows from high quality ceiling speakers.

2. You can also enjoy music streaming from your smart phone or tablet without using the television. So now you can listen to the radio whilst getting ready for work or enjoy your favourite playlist whilst taking a shower.

You'll need amplified ceiling speakers, or a ceiling speaker system with a separate amplifier. It'll also need an auxiliary input (usually by means of a 3.5mm jack)

Best systems to look at are the Lithe Audio IP44 ceiling speaker which features a built in amplifier and the Keene Bluetooth Express which automatically turns on when it receives an audio signal.

Some bathroom TV's such as the Tilevision offer a built in amplifier so you can directly connect a ceiling speaker to the television itself.



4. Smart TV


Most standard televisions these days are Smart TV's.

What is a Smart TV? a Smart TV is a television that not only has Freeview, but also features internet streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, On Demand Catch Up TV services and many more.

Unfortunately though the majority of bathroom televisions on the market don't feature smart TV functions as standard! No Netflix in the bath!?

So how do we make it smart?

Luckily there are numerous Smart TV adapters on the market, but we need to be careful here!

The most important element to consider is control.

How will you control the Smart TV source? It's not like your lounge TV where the Smart TV box is beneath the TV and you can use your standard infrared remote.

The trick here is to use a smart TV box that has a WiFi, Bluetooth or other wireless remote control.

We'd recommend the Amazon Fire Stick which features a fully wireless remote control meaning you can control the TV like normal when it's hidden above the ceiling or in a cupboard etc. or how about the Roku Pro which features a Wi-Fi remote control. No line of sight required.

Basically avoid anything that has an infrared remote control. You'll be hiding that box out of sight and out of harms way.